Our Cool2BeKind workshops teach children in all communities, the value of kindness and empathy as alternatives to bullying and abuse.

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In September Cool2BeKind celebrates Peace Day. Register your school to join our Peace Day Pledge.

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What is Cool2BeKind?

Through a series of specially designed workshops run at schools, after-care facilities and places of safety, children are taught to take pride in empathy and gentleness. Workshop facilitators work with small groups of children and, through discussion, demonstrations and role-play, the participants are shown an alternative to aggression and violence – often the only examples set by the communities they live in.

Understanding kindness as a strength rather than a weakness engenders respect for oneself and others. Not only does this discourage bullying behaviour, but it empowers children in situations of victimisation. Teaching a child that it is Cool2BeKind creates ripples of change that can grow into tidal waves of transformation.

On International Peace Day, 21 September 2015, the Cool2BeKind message finds expression in the Peace Day Pledge: We encourage schools, social and sporting communities to participate in a quiet minute of KIND THOUGHTS, followed by making a BIG NOISE against violence!

Watch our Cool2BeKind video [click on the link]...

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Cool2BeKind workshops could be run at your school or facility. Simply register here to be considered.

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The more funding we get, the more workshops we can run. Let us know if you have resources to help make it happen.

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